Baby and Parent Swimming




30 Minutes


 £6 per session*

What is baby and parent swimming?

Parent and Child classes are for 3 months to 2½ / 3 year olds.

Children learn best through play, so this is incorporated into our lessons.

This gives you the chance to get in the water with your child and help them build water confidence. These classes are very popular and a fantastic way to introduce your child to the water, where we encourage movement and learn through song and play.

The children are assessed towards the end of the term and then awarded a badge and certificate dependant on the criteria they have achieved. This is a great way to encourage learning as a reward for the child but also to let you see the improvement they have made during the course of the term!

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*payable upfront for the term (in 1 or 2 installments)

Baby and Pre-school lessons offered

High quality teaching from fully qualified DBS-checked staff. FREE taster session, join any time (subject to availability). Following enrolment continuous assessment and movement to the next stage.

Term Dates

Our swim school follows the school term dates of St. Michael’s Middle School.

Why do baby and parent swimming?

It’s a well-known fact that swimming is a wonderful way of taking exercise. This is true for all ages and the sooner your little one starts to experience fun in the water the better. Children who swim early are often more alert for their age, develop better eating and sleeping patterns and their general health may be improved.

The activities and games we play in the classes facilitate early coordination and balanced muscle development. Splashing with your youngster in one of our sessions is a good way for both of you to de-stress.


Our swimming school has met the stringent requirements set by the following.

dbs checked
royal life saving society
Swimming teachers assocociation
swim england swim school member

Learn to Swim Pathway – Baby swimming lessons

  • Giving children confidence from the word go
  • Teaching the core skills need to learn the four strokes through fun and games.

The Swim England Learn to Swim Pathway is the national syllabus used to help teachers deliver swimming lessons. It ensures swimming lessons for all ages are delivered to a high and consistent standard. The all-inclusive programme takes non-swimmers on a journey through four specialised Frameworks. These start with the basics of learning to swim and end with advanced skills for sports such as water polo or diving.

All the Swim England Learn to Swim Pathway Frameworks are linked with their awards and badges scheme. These are used to reward children and adults when they are learning to swim. Each Framework has stages and each stage successfully completed in a Framework comes with a certificate and/or badge as a reward.

Next stage

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Beginner classes for children from the age of 3 who are able to follow instruction.

Class reviews – coming soon

Feedback we receive from our swimmers is very important to us so we are working behind the scenes to bring you genuine customer feedback from existing swimming school members. Please check back here soon.