Working safely during coronavirus

10 September 2020


Please arrive 5 minutes before the start of the lesson and no earlier. Swimmers will be required to change on the poolside, so please arrive with their costumes on under their clothes with their hat and goggles ready. Younger swimmers can get changed in the gallery with their parent/guardian before their lesson starts.

One Way System

On arrival you will enter the building via the fire exit situated behind the viewing gallery at the shallow end of the pool. Swimmers can then enter and get changed at poolside. Swimmers can enter the pool when called by the teacher. The lesson will last 25 minutes. When finished the children can collect their belongings and go into the changing rooms to change out of their wet things. Please note that you cannot use the showers, but the shower cubicles can be used as a changing area to maximise social distancing. You can leave via the main entrance as normal.

Parents/ Viewing

To minimise numbers on poolside we ask that only one parent per family attend. The viewing gallery can still be used but will require social distancing to be maintained and face masks to be worn at all times. The parent can have a dependent child with them in their “bubble” (for example a baby or toddler). Family members can sit together.

Costumes, Hats and Goggles

We will be unable to loan any equipment like we have done in the past, so please ensure that your child has their costume, hat and goggles correctly fitted before the start of the lesson. If there is a problem with badly fitting equipment, the teacher may have to call you down to poolside. We have a supply of hats that can be bought on the evening, priced at £2 each. Please bring correct change.


The children will be supplied with flotation equipment as usual. The teacher will allocate equipment to each child so that is not shared. The equipment will be cleaned between each lesson by submerging in the pool for 20 seconds.

Class sizes

I have tried to keep the class sizes as small as possible, so we do not exceed the recommended limits. Where possible we will use wider lanes and widths to increase

If you have any questions please email us.
We look forward to welcoming you back next week.